Consultancy week 3

David’s reports on mood and happiness levels rose significantly in comparison to previous weeks. Self-reports in the journal were considerably more positive, highlighting his long lasting mood improvement during his day, higher levels of concentration and longer, deeper sleeps and night. Interview questions were answered more positively and body language seemed relaxed and enthusiastic. The… Read More Consultancy week 3

Consultancy Week 2

journal reports showed slight improvements in happiness although some hesitation is still present. David participated in 3 days of activities this week and reported better concentration if activities were completed in the morning compared to the afternoon. ‘Played some basketball with some friends today for an hour, didn’t feel like exercise because it was fun… Read More Consultancy Week 2

Rock climbing

Today was about my 7th try at rock climbing. I can see a noticeable difference in my strength and skill level. This makes me feel like i’m achieving my goals which makes me feel good about myself. This process has made me see the importance of participating in physical activities regularly. Ive become closer with… Read More Rock climbing